15 Januar 2017


Indie magazines – they are the heart and soul of our industry, and they’ve come off a great year in 2016. The beauty of the indie magazine in our modern world is that it’s easier than ever to connect with a tribe based on shared passions or similar vibes. The combination of vintage clothing and independent […]

15 Januar 2017


Constructed from recycled garments. Each piece of clothing made by PICKNWEIGHT (RE) COLLECTION is one of a kind. The slight imperfections that are found in this garment are there to remind you that this piece of clothing is yours. and yours alone. (www.picknweight.de) CORPORATE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING EVENT

15 Januar 2017


EVENT/ Organisation / Booking of one of the biggest VINTAGE KILO SALE Events and Grand Opening Partys in Germany. The Concept Store is now available Bergmannstraße 102 – Berlin (Kreuzberg) – (www.picknweight.de). EVENT BOOKING DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING