In a music buying industry now dominated by iTunes and music streaming sites such as Spotify, Napster, Pandora and Jay-Z’s recently released Tidal, the CD and physical music store are reportedly in sharp (and potentially terminal) decline. But a curious development in music consumption has seen vinyl, the format ostensibly rendered extinct by the compact disc with its “perfect” digital sound, make an unlikely, but significant cultural and commercial comeback. In an era in which even digital album sales have fallen, vinyl has bucked the trend. In 2014, record sales grew by more than 50% to hit more than a million, the highest since 1996 – and the upward curve has continued in 2015. We build PICKNLISTEN in Corporation with CROSLEY (Retro Turntables) an unique VINYL Corner. PICKNLISTEN is now available at the PICKNWEIGHT CONCEPT STORE, Bergmannstraße 102 – Berlin (Kreuzberg) – (www.picknweight.de).

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